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Consolidating Multiple Domains into a Single Domain

Consolidating Multiple Domains into a Single Domain thumb

A cheat sheet for yourself. And so if you need to glue two different domains into one, useful links (below):

  1. Google webmasters has a procedure for gluing domains, only both first need to attach to the webmasters panel (confirm their rights). And then click on the gear of the transferred site and click “change address”(you should be in the profile of this site, not in front of the list of your all sites).
  2. The gluing time is from 2 weeks to 3 months. It all depends on how big your site, because before you glue Search Engine should check them and compare how identical they are + depends on how long ago was the last update.
  3. For gluing in Google you need 301 redirect in .htaccess

It is interesting that the transfer procedure in Google is made for “transition without loss of positions in the output” - they wrote it like that.

Useful services to check:



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