1. Why does my restaurant need a fab website?
  2. Know your crowd
  3. Choosing the right color scheme
  4. Incorporating online ordering and reservation systems
  5. Making sure it works on mobile
  6. Getting social and embracing reviews
  7. Key Takeaways
  8. Conclusion
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Creating a Winning Restaurant Website: Design Tips

Creating a Winning Restaurant Website: Design Tips thumb

So, you're thinking about building a killer website for your restaurant, huh? Well, it's more than just slapping your menu online. A top-notch restaurant website is like an appetizer, catching the eye of potential customers whether they're ordering online or planning to pop in for a meal. You gotta have some mouth-watering photos and engaging videos on there, and above all else - make it super easy for people to use.

Alright then, how do you make this great site that'll stand out from the rest and turn visitors into regulars? It's all about creating a simple but beautiful site that's true to your brand - think bold colors that match your restaurant theme, drool-worthy  food pics and a clean design with smooth navigation.

Remember: you're not just building any old website – you’re crafting an online experience that gets people coming back for more.

Why does my restaurant need a fab website?

When people are trying to decide where to eat or order takeout from next, a good first impression matters - big time! Turns out 77% of consumers check out a restaurant’s website before making their decision. So yeah, having an impressive website is pretty much key to luring these customers in!

You might be wondering "what makes a top-notch restaurant’s website?" It’s not only about looking pretty; it’s also about creating an awesome experience. Your site should reflect who you are as a business – your brand personality and what kind of food you serve! Think cohesive color scheme throughout the site, high-quality images of your delicious dishes and sleek design with no-nonsense navigation.

Also remember: functionality is king! With everyone using apps like Uber Eats or DoorDash these days, having simple yet stylish online ordering options is crucial.

Wondering how on earth do you build such a site? How can you get folks from checking out your menu to booking tables or hitting 'order now'?

Don't stress, we're here to help with a guide that covers:

  • Must-haves for designing an awesome restaurant website
  • Unique ideas for your site
  • Handy tools available online for building your site

Follow this guide and you'll be on the right track creating an enticing digital dining experience.

Designing a fantastic website doesn’t have to be hard! But it's gotta be thorough – make sure the design captures your restaurant’s spirit while delivering a unique customer experience.

As we dig deeper into this topic, you’ll learn more about each of these aspects. So buckle up - just like cooking up the perfect dish, crafting a great website is an ongoing adventure!

FactDataPercentage of folks checking out a restaurant's website 77%

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Know your crowd

Before starting to design your restaurant's website, it’s super important to understand who you're designing it for! This will not only help you decide what content gets priority but also tailor the overall user experience based on what potential customers prefer.

Check out Pujol's site as an example. It caters perfectly to its intended audience by keeping things simple: menus, location and booking links front and center. No fuss – exactly how their clientele likes it.

If your vibe is more vibrant and varied though? You might need another approach. The ‘Punkt’ bistro nailed this approach with their full-screen video showcasing the atmosphere of their place– giving visitors a taste of what they can expect when they visit in person. Customizable features like color schemes reflect their fun-loving nature.

Take how Bon Bouquet Café in Paris tapped into understanding its target audience - brunch lovers who appreciate versatility. They nailed their web design by focusing on key points:

  • Easy menu navigation: Letting users explore with ease
  • Professional colour scheme: Giving off an inviting vibe
  • Food and interior photos**: A picture speaks louder than words!

Every eatery has its own unique flavor, look and target audience. By understanding your crowd, you can tailor your online presence to reflect that. When you know who your site is serving, the result is a design that's not just pretty - it strikes a chord with viewers and promises an experience they won't forget. After all, your website is like the digital extension of your restaurant – it should give them a sneak peek of what they're in for!

Choosing the right color scheme

Creating a Winning Restaurant Website: Design Tips

So, you're planning on whipping up a website for your restaurant? Awesome! One thing you've gotta get right is the color scheme. Think about it - if your place is all lively and buzzing, or maybe cozy and intimate, then the colors on your site should reflect that vibe too. Like Lucky Folks' site - they've got this cool card-table texture going on with their colors that really make you feel like you're there.

But don't just pick pretty colors - think about how they work with everything else on your site. For example, FEZ's site keeps its look consistent while delivering all the info in a fun and engaging way. They pair each chunk of text with an image so users are more likely to remember what they read.

So, when choosing colors for your website, think about them as part of creating an experience that's true to what makes your restaurant unique!

Moving on from colors to another must-have: mouth-watering pics of food and drinks! You know how people say we eat with our eyes first? That's totally true online too. Good quality images of what you offer can really bring your menu to life and make people want to come try it out themselves.

Creating a Winning Restaurant Website: Design Tips

But don't stop at food photos - show off some behind-the-scenes stuff too! Pics or videos of your team making magic happen in the kitchen or having fun in the dining area give visitors a sneak peek into what makes your place special.

And hey, why not spice things up even more by adding interactive elements like a scrollable cocktail menu or a video tour? With great visuals like these, people aren't just learning about your restaurant; they're getting excited about trying it out!

Now let's talk user-friendly design—super important if you want folks sticking around on your site. Just like when someone visits Septime’s restaurant in Paris—they stay because navigating through feels effortless—it should be the same with yours. Make sure they can easily find the essentials like menu, hours, contact information - you know the drill.

Next up: Navigation. This is all about making it easy for folks to get around your site and find what they need. Take inspiration from Lucky Folks again; their use of animated web textures in the background really adds to the overall experience and gives off that card-table vibe.

Let's not forget those call-to-action (CTA) buttons! They're a fantastic way to guide visitors on what steps to take next and keep them moving through your site. So make sure they're bold, well-positioned, and compelling enough to provoke an immediate response from your visitors.

So when you're building your restaurant website remember - does it reflect the brick-and-mortar experience? Is it mobile-friendly? Are my CTAs driving actions I want? If you've considered these things then you’re definitely on track for creating a great user-friendly interface with seamless navigation.

Incorporating online ordering and reservation systems

So, you're ready to give your website a makeover? Cool! But remember, it's not just about making it look pretty. It's gotta work well too. The software platform you choose is gonna shape how users experience your site and how satisfied they are with it.

When picking out the perfect platform, keep an eye out for ones that offer built-in features made especially for restaurants like a menu builder, responsive templates, and online reservations. Having these bells and whistles will save you from the headache of adding them in later and keeps everything running smoothly.

And don't forget that people love ordering food online these days. So having an easy way for customers to order directly from your site or through an extension can really up their satisfaction game and boost your revenue potential. And of course, secure payment options are a must-have to keep customer data safe.

Oh, also think about whether you need an e-commerce store builder. Maybe you're selling merch with your restaurant logo on it or offering meal kits folks can cook at home? If so, having a reliable e-commerce platform could be super handy.

Adding all of these features can turn your website into more than just a digital flyer - it becomes a dependable money-making machine where customers enjoy browsing the menu, reserving tables, placing orders and making payments securely.

Making sure it works on mobile

Don't ignore the power of mobile optimization! Did you know that 72% of restaurant searches in the US happen on mobile devices? Yikes! You definitely don't wanna miss out on those potential customers.

To make sure everyone has a great experience no matter what device they're using - phone tablet or desktop - start by implementing responsive design which tailors itself to fit any screen size. Also ensure high-quality pics with easy-to-read fonts while keeping text short 'n' sweet because nobody likes squinting at tiny words!

Don't forget to add features like online ordering and reservations because, let's face it, we all love a little convenience. And make sure your website loads quickly - slow load times can be super frustrating!

Adding an 'About Us' or 'Our Story' page to your mobile site can help build a connection with patrons. Sharing the stories behind your restaurant helps create a bond.

In short, mobile is the future of browsing so you gotta make sure your website is up to scratch if you want to deliver a seamless experience that attracts customers and promises them an unforgettable dining experience.

Why should you choose WebGate?

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Getting social and embracing reviews

Get on board with tech trends! Social media integration plays a key role here. Your online presence is more important than ever thanks to platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Use them wisely to promote your food, share behind-the-scenes content and engage with followers.

Instagram can be great for showing off mouth-watering dishes, pretty interiors and smiling customers - potential customers love this stuff! A thought-out social media strategy can boost visibility and sway people's dining decisions.

Customer reviews are also super powerful. People often check out ratings before booking so include a testimonial section on your site where happy diners can share their experiences. Positive reviews reassure visitors about the quality of their upcoming meal - way more convincing than any marketing spiel!

Reviews are also handy for giving you feedback too - real customer experiences are pure gold when it comes to improving what you offer.

The key here isn't just adding social media icons on your website but making it interactive too. Be honest about how you present reviews as well - transparency builds trust and fosters bonds with customers.

Key Takeaways

  • A restaurant website should succeed in enticing prospective customers and turning visitors into patrons. This involves a blend of high-quality visuals, user-friendly interface, and a design that reflects the restaurant's brand image.

  • Around 77% of customers visit a restaurant's website before dining in or ordering, underlining the importance of an appealing and functional website.

  • Understanding the target audience allows you to tailor your restaurant's online presence to appeal to these specific users effectively.

  • A strong brand identity extending to your online presence is valuable for attracting and retaining customers. This involves the integration of the brand's core values, unique selling propositions, and personality into the business website design.

  • The choice of color scheme on the restaurant's website should mirror the vibe of the physical location and resonate with the brand personality.

  • Professional and enticing visuals of food and drink offerings on the website significantly impact the user experience. This extends beyond dishes to include the restaurant's team, candid customer moments, or footage of food preparation.

  • A user-friendly interface that reflects the restaurant atmosphere and intuitive navigation are essential for a satisfactory user experience. Elements such as animated textures, videos, and strategic call-to-action buttons can effectively drive revenue.

  • Integrate functionalities like online ordering, reservation systems, and multiple payment options on your website to offer a seamless user experience and enhance your revenue potential.

  • As most customers access restaurant websites via mobile devices, optimizing your site for mobile is critical for boosting customer satisfaction.

  • Finally, incorporating social media, customer reviews, and feedback improves a restaurant's visibility online and fosters trust and community among current and potential patrons.


Hey, let's chat about making a cool restaurant website. It's not just about looking pretty - it's all about telling a story that'll really hit home with the folks you want to attract. Your site should feel like your brand - show off your food with top-notch pics and make sure ordering online is as easy as pie.

You know what else matters? Good vibes! A well-thought-out colour scheme can create a nice atmosphere, while intuitive navigation will make things super user-friendly.

And hey, don't forget social media and customer reviews! They won't just boost your online presence, but also build up a community vibe around your brand. Plus, if your site's mobile-optimised and easy-to-use, you're gonna reach more people with ease.

So remember: building a website isn't just some tech task; it’s like bringing your restaurant into the digital world for everyone to experience. Like an online version of your physical place – so make it inviting and exciting for visitors!

Let's Create Something Extraordinary!

WebGate is not just a design studio; we are your partners in digital transformation. Whether you're launching a new web application, revitalizing your brand, or adapting to the mobile era, we have the expertise to bring your vision to life. Ready to elevate your online presence?

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