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The "Web-Gate" studio provides a full range of services for creating small business card websites, inexpensive and effective tools for advertising goods, companies and services on the Internet. For many years, we have been creating a variety of websites - from expensive and solid to small and affordable resources. Our extensive experience allows us to confidently assert - even a simple in structure and inexpensive business card site can be aesthetically beautiful and attractive to customers part of any business.

A business card website is a site with a small number of pages designed to provide users with basic information about the company, individual, product or service it represents. Such simple Internet resources are perfect for companies and individuals who want to save on creating large and expensive corporate sites, but at the same time have a presence on the World Wide Web. The creation of business card sites fully meets these requirements, and therefore they enjoy deserved popularity.

As is known, advertising is the engine of trade. It's not necessary to prove the truth of this old saying, because every entrepreneur knows that without this most important tool, hardly any business can last long. The modern advertising market offers many options for conveying information about products and services to potential customers. Such options can be flyers distributed to mailboxes, and huge billboards on the streets - everything depends on the advertising budget. However, in the era of digital technologies, it would be strange not to use the wide opportunities of the Internet, where millions of people daily view information about goods and services.

In the era of digital technologies, it becomes apparent that any company that intends to be successful must have its representation on the World Wide Web. Such representations are usually solid corporate sites, the development of which requires considerable expenses and time. But this does not mean that small firms and individuals cannot have a quality Internet resource at an affordable price. A business card site, which can become an excellent start for any company to work with clients on the World Wide Web, has exactly these properties.

Creating a business card site allows placing all the key information about the company's activities, its products and services, price lists, pictures and photos, information about new products and promotions, contact details, feedback form, etc., on several pages. The name "business card site" does not mean that such a resource must necessarily consist only of a couple of pages with a minimum of information. In fact, the creation of sites of this type implies the possibility of adding a large number of pages, while such sites have a unique design and software part. The name "business card site" only indicates its purpose - to provide brief information about the company, person, service, product, idea, etc.

It's important to note that a simple and inexpensive site can be no less effective in attracting customers than a large corporate portal. A business card site successfully performs the main advertising functions - it represents its owner to millions of Internet users on a permanent basis, allowing to get all the necessary information in a couple of clicks. The advantages of creating sites of this type are not only cost saving, but also simplicity of use and perception.

From all of the above, it can be concluded that ordering a business card site is a great opportunity to get a full-fledged online resource at a very favorable price. The final cost of such a site depends on its functionality and the number of pages, all these things are determined by the client on an individual basis. The "Web-Gate" studio always pays close attention to the wishes of each client and offers the creation of a business card site in a unique design at the most favorable prices.