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Original text: unique SEO text

There are rules and requirements for texts posted on websites in the field of website promotion. One of the main rules is - useful text material + it should be optimized and unique. With the right approach, the attractiveness and visitability of such a resource increase significantly, and what is more important - they will bring you a "long-playing" result (for example, an increase in visitability by 200-600% (and more) - and maintaining this visitability for 1-2 years).

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Author's text, why?

Information about your services posted on the website is great, but how to stand out against competitors? (first of all, in the eyes of search engines, to attract visitors from natural search results)

Main goal - freshness* and technical compliance of the page with the necessary search queries.
Main rule - "human-friendly" texts (informative, easy-to-read, and grammatically correct).
* - 100% uniqueness of the text.

what is this: SEO copyrighted text?

Original SEO optimised text resembles composing advertising articles, but it has several significant differences. The main task of original texts is not only to present information that will provoke responses from potential customers, but this information must be presented in the form of a very special text.

This text should contain the maximum number of words and phrases that search engines respond to. At the same time, such special words and phrases should be used in such a way as to not spoil the impression of the presentation of information, taking into account each specific situation. Ultimately, you get texts that not only effectively advertise the product, but also "lift" the website higher in search engine queries - i.e., make the information on the page more relevant (appropriate and current in the eyes of search engines).


Preparing high-quality content (content) for the website is the task of an writer:

  1. Accurate presentation of information about your business, in the right vein;
  2. Description of all services and products that are promoted on your website;
  3. Uniqueness of content - search engines, scanning websites and adding them to the index (search database), perform a full analysis of the text, comparing it with the already existing text base of ALL websites known to them, and can "identify" the coincidence of phrases up to 2-3 words. It is logical to conclude that it is necessary to fill your site with absolutely fresh material.
  4. Substantiveness, literacy, convenient presentation, and of course brevity.

* - both the author and the optimizer can place material on the site, but in general this profession is called a content manager.

Criteria for good author text

Common sense is the most important part of an author's work. A professional must correctly use information sources, correctly apply source materials, present interesting facts, arguments, technical data, artistic elements in the most successful form.

Easiness and substantiality. These texts should be able to interest a potential customer and present the goods and services posted on the site in the best light. Quality SEO texts are educational and elegant.

In general - a good SEO text will be not only a competent advertisement for products or services for the buyer, but also a tool for promoting the website to higher positions in search engines.

Where does copyrighted text starts?

Before giving a task to an author, the site is evaluated by an optimizer. The existing material is taken into account, its uniqueness is evaluated.

Search word forms that are directly related to the site are also studied. A so-called "semantic core" is formed, consisting of the main phrases, the most effective for promotion.

After this, the optimizer gives the task to the writer, whose goal is to create a unique SEO copyrighted text.

Our original text and rewriting services

From the above, it is clear - creating unique SEO texts is a responsible and difficult task. This requires experience and understanding of the essence of the process.

What specifically we can offer to our esteemed clients:

  1. Writing quality texts for websites;
  2. Seo-rewrite of texts (changing and optimizing ready-made texts for quoting in search engines);
  3. Filling resources with content when creating websites from scratch;
  4. Regular updating of websites with fresh optimized texts.

Our Work Rules

  1. Our authors never copy information that already exists on the Internet under any circumstances. Such a practice is unacceptable if you want to have truly high-quality content that will be highly rated in search engines;
  2. The materials we create are always high-quality, well-written, and interesting texts of any direction;
  3. Our materials are not created based on commonly distributed texts. The necessary topic is studied before the work begins, and only then does the content creation process start;
  4. Our content is written in a competent language, as we know that professionally composed texts are a sign of respect to any client.

  Our company performs its work qualitatively and within the agreed timeframe, so the results will definitely not disappoint you. Moreover, we offer our esteemed clients absolutely loyal prices. By turning to us, you will not only get a quality-filled website, but also demonstrate to everyone an exceptional approach to conducting business.