Rewriting, Content Creation

The «Web-Gate» studio offers a full range of services for writing, rewriting, and creating unique SEO content. All these tools are integral parts of website promotion and serve one very important goal - to increase the number of visitors to web resources and raise their ranking in the search engine results. Having extensive experience in this field, we can confidently emphasize that these types of our professional activities can effectively serve to promote your website.

Original text writing is the work of writing texts used for advertising and presentation purposes. Such texts can cover virtually any topic that promotes goods, ideas, services, or specialists. Although writing these types of articles and other materials seems relatively simple, it's not entirely so. After all, in order to create a competent selling text designed to emphasize all the advantages of a product or service, you need to have certain knowledge and experience. This statement is doubly true if the client needs the services of an SEO writer - a specialist in writing texts with keywords for websites.

To create quality content, without which no website promotion can be successful, an author must be able to not only write clear and interesting text to readers but also make it meet all the requirements of search engines. For this, it is necessary to be able to navigate in different areas of business and entrepreneurial activities, as well as process large volumes of information in a short time. When writing custom articles, a writer must study the subject of what they will have to write about, choose the right approach to presenting their material in each case, take into account all individual customer wishes, and much more. From this, it becomes clear that the services of an author are far from simple work, as it sometimes might seem.

When it comes to custom article writing, as well as creating unique content for websites, there are several key components to be aware of. As known, the main task of any advertising material is to attract the attention of potential clients. For this, each presentation text must be not only absolutely unique (which is especially important for website promotion), but also stand out among a vast amount of texts that people constantly see. To create such material, an author must not only avoid plagiarism at all costs but also approach each custom article skillfully. Sometimes it will be necessary to write a beautiful laudatory text, and sometimes - a dry text filled with special technical terms.

Special approaches are required for materials written specifically for website promotion. They are called SEO texts, and they differ from simple custom articles in that they contain keywords that are used to promote the resource, elevating it in the search engine results. SEO writer, which exists for these purposes, aims to write text that is not only attractive to the client but also meets all search engine requirements. Only then will the SEO text be most effective for promoting a website of any thematic focus.

The «Web-Gate» studio offers the following services for custom article writing and any other materials:

  • Original text creation - writing unique articles on any topic;
  • Rewriting - reworking existing client text material to make it unique;
  • SEO writing - writing unique and optimized articles on any topic, which will have inserted keywords necessary for website promotion;
  • SEO rewriting - reworking existing client text material with the aim of adding keywords to it.

Writing, rewriting, and creating unique content are some of the key areas of the «Web-Gate» studio's activities. We create advertising and presentation texts, as well as high-quality custom articles. Our materials are unique, and our prices are not high at all, which our esteemed clients can easily ascertain.