1st month December 2013

2nd month January 2014

3rd month February 2014

6th month May 2014.

Increased attendance from 0 to 2,300 people/day (60,000-75,000 people per month) in 4 months.
- Copywriting over 100,000 characters


Around the world for May 2014

Website Optimization:
- Internal and program optimization
- Structural changes based on SEO audit
- Text writing
- Organization of page structure
- Work on improving usability, layout of templates
- Load speed optimization
- Creation of groups on social networks, and microblogs
- Layout and improvement of the website page templates usability

Top search queries

May 2015, most popular search phrases in Yandex.Metrika
- More than 200 search phrases

Before optimisation

Ad card before optimisation

After optimising the UX/UI

Ad card after optimisation

Before optimisation

Search results for advertisements

After optimisation

Search results by ad: after optimisation

It is based on the API of the famous (Germany) platform/auto board.
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