3d model of Jacobs 1kg logo

3d model of Jacobs 1kg

Creating a texture pack, Flash 3d container. More than 100 textures and 3d models have been created this way.

2012 year

BEFORE and AFTER processing

- Scanning of products
- Product photography
- Photo editing
- Texture creation
- 3D model creation
- Applying texture to the 3D model
- Creating sequence (storyboarding)
- Creating a flash/html 5 container for 3D presentation

Ready texture

3d container HTML5

Created storyboard (sequence) placed in html 5 container for 3D presentation

3D realistic model of a JACOBS coffee pack. The work is made in several stages. One of the most time-consuming is texturing. This is achieved by scanning the product packaging and matching the fragments of the sides, cleaning and digitizing the image. A 'texture map' is then created to impose on the 3D model.

The last step is to create a 'sequencing', i.e. a sequence of frames. For example 42 frames, rotating the package around its axis. And also putting the "sequences" into a special container implemented in Flash. Allows you to rotate the product in real time. Just the same for displaying 3D presentation on iOS, exactly the same container presentation, implemented on the basis of HTML5 technology is created.