Free VPN Service - The Perfect Way to Bypass Website Blocking/Prohibition in Your Country

Free VPN Service - The Perfect Way to Bypass Website Blocking/Prohibition in Your Country

Why is it important to learn how to avoid blocks?

Authorities, employers are trying to combat unwanted information posted on the Internet. Everyone has different views on this, but it's important to remember: due to imprecision in blocking, access is not closed to certain content, but to the entire site completely. For this reason, blocks often affect legal resources as well. 93% of websites are blocked without any particular investigation or trial.

Our editorial team prepared this article because the topic is relevant for many CIS countries and their neighbors: Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Ukraine, Georgia, Mongolia, Afghanistan, Chechnya, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia and others.

One of the prominent examples is the blockage of Skype calls in UAE, but using our client you can make Skype calls from anywhere in the United Arab Emirates, and in fact, anywhere in the world. You can download the VPN client absolutely for free, and forget about blockages!

VPN service - bypassing any blocks - confidentiality

The Most Comfortable Method to Bypass Blocks is a VPN Client

There are many methods, but in our opinion, the simplest one is hideme VPN client. Download the application, and use any browser, all your computer's connections with the Internet now occur through an encrypted channel and nobody will know where you are, and won't be able to intercept your data, even if you're using Wi-Fi in a public place!

What Should Safari Users Do?

Regardless, even your Skype now uses a VPN tunnel, with super encryption, which is impossible to intercept (more precisely, decrypt) even for your Internet provider.

How to View Blocked Content from a Mobile Device?

VPN client for mobile devices

A VPN service allowing you to fully hide the transmission of any data even via a mobile device (Android, Mac OS, iOS), is available right now!

Who will know if I have viewed blocked resources?

Most applications protect the user from such a risk. Let's look at this issue in more detail.

Internet censorship

Forget about internet censorship

The governments of some countries impose restrictions on freedom of speech and action on the network. restores your right to talk about what you want. In addition, the service allows access to popular sites that may have been blocked in your country.

Try this wonderful service for FREE!

FREE 1 month of full anonymity and security on the internet

Celebrate the freedom of speech!

Freedom of speech and absence of controlWith Hideme, you will be able to bypass various internet restrictions imposed by countries such as China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Bahrain, Cuba, Brazil, Thailand and others. Get instant access to geographically blocked resources: Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Netflix, Spotify, Youtube, ITunes, Amazon Video, Hulu, Grooveshark, BBC-Iplayer, Pandora, Skype, Facetime, Google Talk and others. Hide me uses an anonymous IP address, encrypting your internet activity. You can again do whatever you want online!

VoIP Access

free voipHide me bypasses governmental restrictions on tools that allow you to communicate with friends and family. Unblock Skype and other VoIP tools - and communicate with people both within and outside the country!

Wi-Fi Security

secure Wi-Fi access

By using Hide me, you securely protect information about your identity, location, and IP address. Become truly anonymous online and stop fearing state surveillance!

Stay safe in Wi-Fi "hotspots"

Free VPN Service - The Perfect Way to Bypass Website Blocking/Prohibition in Your Country

When using free Wi-Fi in cafes and airports, you become a target for cybercriminals and other individuals who can intercept your data. This happens because wireless networks are especially easy to penetrate. As for AES-256 encryption, encrypts all your actions on the network, hiding them with multiple levels of security. Your personal information becomes completely inaccessible.

Download and upload... privately

secure data download and upload

Music, videos, pictures... it's important to keep what you've decided to download or upload. These features are especially relevant for enterprises that regularly exchange confidential documents. guarantees that the data will not fall into the wrong hands and will not be intercepted "on the way".

Protection that's always with you

Protection of all your activities

Hide me protects not only your PC or laptop, but also all your mobile devices using Wi-Fi connection. Cybercriminals know that users view a large volume of information through gadgets, and uses secure protocols to block devices. If you want to simultaneously protect multiple devices and computers connected to the wireless network, you can set up on your home router. This feature is very useful for gadgets that do not have built-in VPN support, - such as Xbox and Apple TV.

Latest Protocols

To safely use Wi-Fi in any situation, offers the latest protocols for PCs, Macs, mobile devices, game consoles, and home routers. With OpenVPN, L2TP / IPsec, PPTP, and IKEv2 protocols offering AES-256 encryption, you are safe on any Wi-Fi network. This feature is relevant for viewing, downloading, and transferring content.

Available for IPTV!


BBC, Hulu, HBO, Netflix – the channel does not matter. Now the choice is yours! Stay at home and comfortably watch millions of channels.

TV shows and movies from around the world

Have you traveled to another country from abroad? is perfect for unlocking IPTV worldwide. Gain access to HBO, Amazon Video, Hulu, SkyGo, CBS, WooDoo, 4OD, Netflix, MTV, YouTube, BBC Iplayer, Fox, ESPN, NBC and other channels along with residents of those states where these channels are broadcast.

Servers in the best IPTV spots

Free VPN Service - The Perfect Way to Bypass Website Blocking/Prohibition in Your Country

Our servers cover the most popular countries in Europe, as well as North America. will provide you access to millions of channels from around the world with just a few clicks.

Suitable for smart TVs, Freesat-Box, and Apple TV

Hide me works not only with laptops and smartphones. By choosing the right protocol, you can easily connect your Smart TV, Freesat-Box, game console, or Apple TV - and watch IPTV on the big screen.

Forget about endless buffering

Free VPN Service - The Perfect Way to Bypass Website Blocking/Prohibition in Your Country

Other VPN applications negatively affect the quality of the connection. Thanks to gigabit speeds and servers located in the best places on the planet, allows you to enjoy high-quality television without signal delay.

Compare the latest VPN protocols

PPTP, L2TP, IPsec (IKEv1 and IKEv2), OpenVPN, SOCKS - all these protocols support AES-256 encryption. In addition, we cooperate with professional VPN providers supporting the brand-new IKEv2 protocol.

No saved data!

Complete privacy

We state very seriously: we do not store logs of your activities on the Internet. Activity logs can easily be linked to user activity, and some VPN providers pass them on to governments upon request. We don't do that.

No Personal Information

We do not duplicate your personal data in order to avoid legal liability and to ensure your privacy on the Internet. Moreover, we do not store logs on our VPN servers, do not control, and do not filter the data.

Real Privacy

Real privacy on the Internet

We do not control your online activity: Hide me does not consider it ethical. All data obtained from users are anonymous and not connected to the real point of location or IP address.

Best Servers Selected

Unlike other VPN providers who offer you many slow, unreliable servers, we have selected the best servers around the world. In addition, access to them is significantly limited to ensure maximum security.

Anonymous IP Address

When connecting to, we provide you with an anonymous IP and hide the real one. The new IP is used by many people, creating a pool of anonymous activity. This measure does not allow the activity to be linked to a specific user. The IP allows the identity and location to be determined without much effort. Often this information is available to everyone on the network. Don't worry, we will keep your data secret!

Are you safe now?

If someone has obtained data about your identity and your IP, finding out other information will not be difficult. The obtained information can be used by fraudsters for illegal actions. Hide me won't let this happen!

Are you being watched?

are you safe now?

Without a VPN that hides data about real IPs and locations, this data is stored every time you visit a site. Your provider knows which sites you visit, what content you have downloaded, and what is in your email inbox. It's not just your internet activity being saved - it's being "signed" with your name.

Get a new digital identifier with Hide me!

Freedom of movement on the Internet

When you connect to one of our server addresses, we create an encrypted "tunnel" for your actions on the network. We assign you an anonymous IP and reliably hide the real one. Your provider "sees" unreadable encrypted traffic, and websites see a new, anonymous IP address. You are safe and secure.

Works on Any Device

Use Hide me to maintain the confidentiality of your internet activity at home and on the road. The service works great with PCs, Macs, tablets, iPhones, or Android. We will assist you with any of these devices and offer a unique set of configurations.

Simple Instructions for Setting Up Each Device

support for any device

To use, you don't need to be a top-notch computer technology specialist. We've already created useful guides for Mac, Windows, Linux, MO, and Android. You'll be able to install and launch the service in just a few minutes!

Quality Confirmed by Users

We don't like to rest and constantly make new efforts to perfect existing technologies. Hide me is the best VPN service, guaranteeing users maximum privacy and performance.

Try VPN anonymizer for free

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